West LA Car Seats offers private car seat checks. This service is an excellent choice for parents unable to wait for an appointment at a public agency fitting station or check event, as well as for those who would prefer a more private, personalized and thorough experience. 

Appointments are at your convenience, in the privacy of your own driveway, garage, or other location of your choosing. 

There is no rush during the appointment. The Child Passenger Safety Technician will take her time explaining to you the specifics of the car seat you have chosen and help you learn how to use its features properly. You will learn the specifics of what methods of installation and seating locations are available in your vehicle for your child's car seat or booster seat. The CPST will help fit your child in his or her car seat or booster seat correctly, teach you to install the seat into your vehicle, and perform a final inspection.

Your private car seat check will take approximately 45 minutes- one hour per seat.

Telephone: 424-256-6836

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