Saturday, January 12, 2019


Did you know that an estimated 90% of car seats are misused? 

Meet with West LA Car Seats and join the 10%!

West LA Car Seats was created after Ilana was searching for a CPST (child passenger safety technician) to teach her how to install a car seat for her nephew. Ilana met with a well-intentioned but not certified fireman who installed the car seat incorrectly. After the seat tipped over with her nephew in the seat Ilana set off on her journey to car seat safety. Ilana learned that a true CPST should never install your seat for you. A CPST should teach you so that you will be able to install your seat in the future. 

In August 2011, Ilana completed a 40-hour LAPD Police Officer Safety Training Course, based on a curriculum established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. She received her CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician) certification from Safe Kids Worldwide.

Ilana completed the "Safe travel for all children: transporting children with special health care needs" course in September 2014. 

Ilana has worked with over 500 families during her years as a CPST. Ilana loves showing parents and caregivers that car seat installations do not need to be hard. There are tips and tricks that are not shown in the car seat manuals and that Ilana can teach during her private or group lessons. Click here to schedule an appointment with Ilana to ensure your car seat is installed and used correctly. 

When not installing car seats, Ilana enjoys long walks down the aisles of Buy Buy Baby exploring the newest car seats on the market. Ilana also enjoys baking for her extended family, working on her needle point projects, and spending time with Lucy, Brooks and Charlie, her three dogs.