I had no idea how to install my car seat for my new daughter Rachel. A friend referred me to Ilana and she came over the next day and taught me all about the car seat. She also offered me suggestions for which car seat to buy when Rachel outgrows her infant seat. I don’t know what I would have done without Ilana!
--Danielle, Beverlywood, CA
When my son outgrew his infant seat, I had no idea which car seat to buy next or how to put it in my car. Thankfully Ilana helped me pick out a car seat that would best meet our family’s needs and install it for me. Now I’m expecting our 2nd child and will definitely call Ilana again about the best car seats for our new baby and 4 year old.
--Michelle, Santa Monica, CA
I thought my car seat was installed correctly—a friend who told me she knew how to do it put it in and I trusted her. One day I made a sharp turn on Coldwater Canyon and my daughter’s car seat flipped over! A coworker told me about Ilana and WestLACarseats.com. Ilana met me at my daughter’s preschool and helped me put the car seat in correctly. I feel so much better knowing my daughter is safe!
--Tova, Hancock Park, CA